Spray Tanning

This UV free, sunless self-tanner applied with an airbrush by our trained technician, gives the smoothest and most even color enhancement. It is an aloe vera based product with DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) derived from natural sugar cane, erythrulose, copper aminos, skin conditioners, moisturizers and a touch of caramel for color. FDA approved since 1973.

When applied, it interacts with the skin's natural protein and the oxygen in the air, causing a radiant bronze tone. It will take about 3 to 6 hours for the full color to be visible. Correctly maintained, it may last 4 - 6 days!

No matter what your occasion - may it be vacation, prom, wedding or competition, we can customize a color for you.

spray tanning
  • Shower and exfoliate before your session, using only water based exfoliant and a loufa.
  • Use a pH balanced shower gel (not bar soap) to help keep the correct pH balance of your skin.
  • If shaving or waxing do that first.
  • Do not use any oils, body lotions, make up, moisturizers, perfumes or deodorent after showering, or prior to your session.
  • Do not engage in activity, exercise or anything that can cause perspiration.
  • Wear an old bathing suit, strapless bikini, or undergarments.
Maintain Tan
  • Use the best possible moisturizer you can get; we recommend our Tan Bronzing Extender Moisturizer which contains DHA, aloe vera, and botanical herbs. This will slow down the sloughing process
    and keep your tan lasting longer.
Ultimate Tan
  • To achieve the darkest, longest-lasting tan, have a second application within 2 - 3 days.
  • Ungaro's airbrush spray tanning system will give you a rich,
    golden UV free tan in only a few minutes.
Our tanning solution is the finest that is manufactured today.
It contains self-tanners, bronzers, nourishing moisturizers,
and vitamins to give your skin a smooth and healthy glow.

Spray tanning prices are; $20.00 per spray, 3 sprays for $51.00, New Customer - 1st Time Special- 2 sprays for $20.00.
spray tan
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